About Us

Our small, veteran owned business, was founded on the premise of helping other business owners and non profits get noticed in the fast paced Information Technology world we live in today. Integrity of service is fundamental to our work ethics. We bring you over 30 years’ experience in Information Technology and network security engineering. Our humble beginnings in website development stemmed directly from our efforts in helping non profits within our local community to establish a web presence. All to better reach out across a broader audience and enhance their ability to serve the public.

We pride ourselves with staying on top of the latest technology and website development techniques. Our expert web master has been hands on with coding since the 1990’s and we have a variety of options, including but not limited to full HTML coding, the tried and true Dream Weaver or the multi functional Word Press, to offer you for your perfect website.

Our pledge to you: In the unlikely event that you later discover any original development errors we will fix them and make it right for you free of charge. However: if you should modify our coding and break it there would be a fee. (Always check with us before changing coding, a quick fix is a lot more cost effective for you than a big fix).

BB Technology takes great pride in supporting your web design, web master and infrastructure needs. We think you’ll find what you’re looking for at BB Technology.

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